Ditto Jam X2

TC Electronic has recently expanded their line of rather wonderful looping pedals with the Ditto Jam X2 Looper. The original Ditto 2 was of course a bit of a benchmark in the looper pedal world and the Ditto Jam X2 brings all that original goodness with it but adds some innovative new functions. Central to the new design is what TC call their BeatSense algorithm. This utilises several built-in microphones to track and sync to your band’s rhythmic elements and keep your loop track from drifting. The guys at TC say “This makes live looping more interesting than ever and infinitely more intuitive, giving guitarists the ability to improvise loops organically, while keeping them tight in a live context. No do-overs necessary,” and having seen it working I can well believe it.

The pedal also uses BeatSense in practice mode to allow for speeding up or slowing down your loop track without losing sound quality. A tap tempo footswitch allows for adjusting your loops on the fly. The Ditto Jam X2 also let you toggle between record-then-play or record-then-overdub functionalities. Other features include 24-bit uncompressed audio, true bypass, and unlimited overdubs.

The Ditto Jam X2 also lets you export loops to the DAW of your choice, or import your favourite loops and backing tracks straight to the pedal. For me personally that is a one of the main things I like about this pedal. The usability of a looper pedal that lets you import and export loops to a DAW is MASSIVE for me and means it is the only pedal of it’s type I will ever need…until Ditto Jam X4 of course 😉

The Ditto Jam X2 costs £199 and should be available at your local dealer now.

For more on the Ditto Jam X2 visit www.tcelectronic.com

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