The first smart home piano in the world: Yamaha presents the Disklavier™ ENSPIRE multi-room piano

Yamaha Enspire Disklavier

More than just a piano – the Disklavier ENSPIRE completely redefines home entertainment. As the first multi-room player piano in the world, it connects to Yamaha MusicCast audio components throughout the house, turning every room into a concert hall. What’s more, it has some groundbreaking entertainment functions: for example, the Yamaha Disklavier Radio streaming service really brings the instrument to life – the self-playing function with Internet content becomes your own personal pianist. Content for this is provided by Yamaha artists from all music genres such as Jamie Cullum, Sarah McLachlan and many more.

At its heart, the Disklavier ENSPIRE is a professional acoustic instrument that offers pianists unique performance expression. All digital functions can be controlled easily by the app via smartphone or tablet. The Disklavier ENSPIRE is available in various models, from upright piano to concert grand.

Smart-home-generation piano entertainment

Come home. Relax. Just a fingertip on your smartphone brings the piano to life. The keys move as if by magic. Relaxing tones for you to enjoy or, if the mood takes you, invigorating songs from the genres of jazz, rock, pop and classical – the Disklavier ENSPIRE has an extensive repertoire. The instrument has 500 stored songs that can be called up directly using the app. Other songs are available to download from Yamaha MusicSoft.

Disklavier Radio brings top international artists into your home

With a simple click on Disklavier Radio, the instrument can access an almost infinite range of titles: thousands of songs – whether pure piano pieces or songs with vocal or instrumental accompaniment – are available to stream directly. Top international artists have even recorded pieces especially for the Disklavier ENSPIRE: when you hear Jamie Cullum, what you see on the self-playing keyboard and hear from the piano itself really is him playing.

MusicCast multi-room turns any room into a concert hall

Yamaha MusicCast makes the Disklavier ENSPIRE the world’s first multi-room piano: whether you play it yourself or listen to the instrument’s repertoire, the piano sounds throughout the whole house thanks to Yamaha multi-room technology, turning the smart home into a new generation of concert hall.

Pieces created especially for the Disklavier ENSPIRE

The songs for the Disklavier ENSPIRE are divided up completely automatically between instrument data and audio: the piano plays the acoustic part, and all other instruments and vocals are reproduced either by the speakers on the instrument (in grand piano models) or by a connected stereo system. If MusicCast multi-room is used to play back music in another room where the acoustic sound of the Disklavier ENSPIRE cannot be heard, the digital sound of a Yamaha CFX concert grand is used.

An acoustic piano at heart

Although the Disklavier ENSPIRE is so much more than a piano, it is fundamentally an acoustic instrument that motivates you to play yourself. But the Disklavier ENSPIRE gives pianists so many extra options: for example, you can record your playing, play into the piano directly via MIDI or USB using software such as Steinberg® Cubase™, or use one of the many Yamaha apps for learning to play the piano, such as Piano Diary.

Musical enjoyment in its finest form

Yamaha has a unique tradition when it comes to piano building: the company began developing its expertise in manufacturing upright pianos and grand pianos over 100 years ago. But Yamaha has never simply stuck to the status quo – pioneering innovations such as Silent Piano or TransAcoustic are in the company’s DNA. Just like the Disklavier: the technology in this self-playing piano was introduced 29 years ago and has been continuously refined ever since. In this latest generation, the Disklavier ENSPIRE delivers truly unique entertainment.

The technology behind this self-playing smart home piano

The Disklavier ENSPIRE is an acoustic instrument that records every single nuance in the movement of the keys, hammers and pedals with maximum precision by means of contactless optical sensors. All Disklavier ENSPIRE PRO grand pianos (from 1.86m in length) are able to record your own piano playing internally using eight-bit MIDI resolution (1,024 steps). DSP servo drives on the ends of the keys set the whole mechanism in motion: the hammers hit the strings and create the acoustic sound, meaning the piano sounds exactly the way the artist played it.

As unique as your home: Disklavier ENSPIRE range

Whether an upright piano, compact grand piano or impressive concert grand – the Disklavier ENSPIRE is available as a model option for many popular Yamaha upright and grand pianos. Prices for the Disklavier ENSPIRE pianos start at € 17,160.00 (RRP, including VAT).

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