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The KORG Collection Completely Reconstructed in Software

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A Synthesizer Collection Completely Reconstructed in Software.

I remember when KORG Released the Legacy Collection back in 2004 I was completely blown away at the time and even more so when they released the Legacy Digital Collection which featured not one but two of my favourite keyboards of all time, the KORG M1 and the KORG Wavestation. Not only could I not afford to buy these keyboards at the time but I also would not have had room for them even if my limited funds had not gotten in the way.

Featuring a sound produced by authentic simulation of the analog and digital circuits of the legendary KORG synthesizers, the Legacy Collection has remained a best seller to this day. It was however long overdue a makeover. 12 years is a long time but even longer in software terms. Things tend to move quite quickly and whilst the software worked ok and sounded great it did look a bit dated for a set of virtual instruments.

KORG have been listening and have updated KORG Collection and also added the ARP ODYSSEY into the mix. Now you can pursue in software the extreme feeling and sounds of this unique analog hardware synth, the ARP ODYSSEY re-issued by KORG.

The updated Collection is equipped with new features especially suited to software, such as polyphonic compatibility and a rich, high-quality effects section.

Some features widely requested by users will be added to the KORG Collection in future updates. Support for the AAX format is planned as well as a large scale refinement of the user interface. There will of course be other improvements as time goes on.

For now though, head over to KORG and check out the features of the KORG Collection.

Don’t forget to drop by our forum and tell us what you like or don’t like about it and what you would like to see in future updates.

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