Yamaha Equips Xerox Rochester International Jazz Festival with Drum Sets and Hardware

Rochester International Jazz Festival

Yamaha joined the Xerox Rochester International Jazz Festival (XRIJF) last weekend as the event’s official drum sponsor for the fifth consecutive year, continuing a festival tradition in the Western New York music scene dating back to 2002.

From June 22 to June 30, hundreds of thousands of festival attendees circulated among 20 venues, all located in and around Rochester’s East End cultural district, ranging from elegant concert halls to intimate clubs to vibrant outdoor stages.

This year, Yamaha Drums provided 13 kits as a backline for the festival, including the Absolute Hybrid Maple, Recording Custom, Live Custom, Tour Custom and Club Custom. Artists also had the Recording Custom snare drum and 700 and 800 Series hardware at their disposal.

Over the course of nine days, the festival showcased legendary performers and familiar favorites as well as rising stars and new discoveries. This year, several Yamaha Artists appeared in the lineup, including Gene Coye (Seal), David Garibaldi (Tower of Power) and Nate Worth and Robert “Sput” Searight (both of Ghost Note).

More than 1500 artists perform at XRIJF each year. As one of the nation’s leading international music festivals, XRIJF brings together unique musical sounds from all over the world, highlighting artists’ take on jazz, a purely American art form.

“We are honored that Yamaha has been chosen to equip the Rochester Jazz Festival for another year,” said Steven Fisher, marketing manager, Yamaha Drums. “From the legendary Recording Custom series to the rich-sounding Live Custom series, these drum sets cater to every jazz musician’s needs, even in a festival setting where artists’ styles cover such a broad range.”

Additional information about Yamaha Drums is available at http://4wrd.it/YAMAHADRUMS