Yamaha released another teaser video of the Yamaha Genos today. Again it’s not giving much away and the video itself I think only briefly shows three shots of Genos for a couple of seconds each.

The videos themselves are causing some confusion but my take is that it is the Genos playing all these sounds and the orchestra is there to emphasise the fact that the sounds are so realistic no one would be able to tell the difference…I think 😉 Anyway, the jury is out on that one until we actually see and hear Genos being played but knowing the high quality of Yamaha sounds it is not unfeasible to expect that they could pull this off. We’ll have to wait until November to find out. In the meantime here are a few screens from the latest video.

Yamaha Genos Controls









Yamaha Genos Screen









The Video is here :

Next video teaser is due on the 29th Sept.

More info here https://www.yamaha.com/genos/