Yamaha Launches HPH-MT8 and HPH-MT5 Professional Monitor Headphones

Yamaha HPH-MT8 & HPH-MT5

Yamaha has launched its latest MT Series headphones, the HPH-MT8 and HPH-MT5*, developed to provide engineers with the high levels of precision and fidelity required for professional monitoring.

MT Series headphones are designed to deliver flat, high-resolution sound with precise stereo imaging and faithful source signal reproduction, while providing a high level of isolation and comfort to ward off fatigue during extended monitoring sessions.

The new models are equipped with custom drivers and powerful neodymium magnets for precise definition, even at the highest output levels. The lightweight-yet-powerful drivers deliver a frequency response of 15Hz-28kHz in the MT8 and 20Hz-20kHz in the MT5.

Both feature a comfortable closed-back, circumaural configuration with solid ABS housing and sweat-resistant headband. Large ear pads and low-resistance cushions absorb excess vibrations and reduce sound leakage, providing outstanding isolation and stress-free wearability. A three-dimensional arm pivot and adjustable slider ensure the ear pads fit the wearer’s head perfectly, helping to alleviate fatigue.

Both models include a detachable straight 3m cable, equipped with gold-plated stereo mini-plug and 6.3mm stereo adaptor, allowing them to be used with both professional audio equipment and portable audio players. The MT8 is also supplied with a detachable 1.2m coiled cable.

The HPH-MT8 and HPH-MT5 will be available during 2016.

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*The HPH-MT5 is available in black and white versions