Yamaha Launches Innovative P-S500 Digital Piano for Beginners

Yamaha P-S500

Yamaha has announced the launch of the P-S500, a digital piano that changes the way music lovers learn, play and enjoy the piano. Smart, connected, and personalized, the P-S500’s innovative technology and design bring learning the piano into the modern age and help aspiring pianists achieve their musical goals.

Crafted to fulfil a music lover’s dream of playing along with their favourite songs, the new P-S500 is equipped with Stream Lights technology that uses red and blue lights above each key to show the pianist which notes to play and when to play them. This feature helps users learn how to play and practice without ever having known how to read music – making learning more fun and straightforward.

The P-S500 pairs with the Smart Pianist app offering users a hassle-free connection to a smart device and giving full access to instrument controls and configuration tools. For a more personalized experience, users can enjoy powerful features such as app-generated piano scores of their favourite songs that help them learn and play along. To do this, the Smart Pianist app analyzes the audio of songs in a music library and produces a chord chart or piano score, which then works together with Stream Lights to show which keys to play and when. Users can also choose music from a built-in pop library or download best-selling titles from Yamaha MusicSoft (YMS).

Pricing and Availability

The P-S500 is available at retailers across North America starting in January 2023 for a suggested retail price of $2,499.00 USD MSRP.


For more information, visit: https://usa.yamaha.com

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