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Yamaha MODX Some Of Your Questions Answered

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Following on from the launch of the fabulous Yamaha MODX keyboard there have been a lot of questions about how the keyboard stacks up against the Montage. Is it really the same two synth engines inside, what about that screen is it the same as in Montage or a lower quality version? Does the MODX really sound the same as Montage? Well, let’s take a look and find out.

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  1. Does the MODX really sound the same as the much more expensive Montage? Yes it does. Yamaha have not sacrificed sound quality . They dropped some features for sure but sonically it sounds the same.
  2. That 7″ TFT screen. Must be a cheaper, lower quality version right? Actually no. It is exactly the same display that is installed in Montage. No corners cut there.
  3. What about the FM-X and AWM2 synth engines? These are identical to Montage with the exception of reduced polyphony for the FM-X engine. It is 64 voice where Montage is 128. The AWM2 engine is a full 128 voice stereo though, same as Montage. Keep in mind the original DX7 only had 16 voice polyphony!
  4. Are the keys on MODX the same as on Montage? No, here there has been a little trimming of spec…keep in mind the price point ok. So, the MODX6 and MODX7 both have the same semi-weighted keybed you will find on the MOXF and the MODX8 has the Yamaha GHS (Graded Hammer Standard) keybed.
  5. What about build quality. The MODX is all plastic right? Yes unlike Montage which has a metal chassis the MODX is indeed plastic however, this also means it is much lighter than Montage so it is easier to carry around to gigs and despite the plastic it is very well built. You can easily carry the MODX7 for example, under one arm.
  6. Can I load DX7 sounds into MODX? Yes you can. MODX is compatible with all DX7 sounds and not only that but you can do things with those sounds once inside MODX that you would never have been able to do on the DX7. It is legacy compatibility with a modern twist.
  7. Can I load ALL Montage sounds into MODX? Yes you can. MODX and Montage are fully compatible so any sounds you see available for Montage can also be used in the MODX.

For more info and answers to a lot more questions, drop by our Yamaha MODX Forum. We would love to see you there!

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