Yamaha MODX Performance Synth

It’s an exciting time to be a keyboard player. Lots of innovation in the market place and new ideas abound. Nowhere is that more evident than with Yamaha and their new MODX keyboard. This is the companion keyboard range to the flagship Montage which took some of Yamaha’s classic synth heritage and moved it into the 21st century in the form of a true performance keyboard for the modern player. Of course tech that good comes at a price and whilst many of us, myself included, lusted after a Montage we just could not afford one. Enter the MODX!

What Yamaha have managed to achieve with the MODX is quite incredible. They had distilled the essence of Montage into a package with a starting price even I can’t walk away from. For around £1000 for the MODX6 (price to be confirmed) you get what is essentially a Montage with many of the same features but minus the weighty price tag.

So the question many will be asking is what has been sacrificed from Montage in order to bring the MODX in at such a modest price point? Obviously there are going to be compromises. You don’t get flagship features for the sort of money we are talking about but if anyone is good at giving you value for money it is going to be Yamaha.

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