Yamaha MONTAGE M: Next Generation Synthesizer Unveiled

Yamaha Montage M - Next Generation Synthesizer

Yamaha announces the new MONTAGE M synthesizer, combining next-level, amazing sound, new control dimensions for dynamic expression, and seamless workflow integration between stage and studio. The new flagship product lineup consists of the 61-key MONTAGE M6 for synthesists, the 76-key MONTAGE M7 for keyboardists, and the 88-key MONTAGE M8x with polyphonic aftertouch for pianists – all featuring the brand’s latest cutting-edge technologies to elevate expression.


New AN-X Engine for analogue sound

The centrepiece of the Yamaha MONTAGE M is the AN-X engine, known for its authentic analogue sound and behaviour. AN-X recreates the warmth and unique sensation of analogue synthesizers. It boasts three oscillators with five waveforms (two saws, triangle, square, and sine) and a noise generator that can be shaped through two filters with 10 filter types. Additional features include ring modulation, wave shaper, and more. For vintage synth sounds, voltage drift and ageing functions allow further manipulation.

Yamaha Montage M Screen

Improved AWM2 and classic FM-X engines

In addition to the all-new AN-X engine, the Yamaha MONTAGE M also features an improved AWM2 engine and the FM-X engine, resulting in a total of up to 400 notes of polyphony. The MONTAGE M was uniquely crafted to provide highly realistic imitative and creative sound, and the combination of these three powerful engines achieves exactly that. For optimal workflow integration, the new models feature USB MIDI and an audio interface, an Expanded Softsynth Plug-in (ESP, coming in 2024), and faster, easier navigation.

Yamaha Montage M Second Screen

Musicians in control

The new Yamaha MONTAGE M product lineup offers innovative control dimensions for unique music-making, including new performance controls and a dedicated keyboard and scene control. The MONTAGE M8x includes these capabilities and adds polyphonic aftertouch, providing superior expressive capabilities. Other notable features include 9.97 GB preset waveROM, 16 libraries (with 640 performances per library), 3.8 GB of user flash memory, VCM Rotary Speaker, and more.

Yamaha Montage M Lifestyle

Prices and availability

The Yamaha MONTAGE M is available now at the following pricing:

MONTAGE M6: £3219

MONTAGE M7: £3629

MONTAGE M8x: £4049




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