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Yamaha Red Pianica P-37ERD – A Bold Look For a Long-Lasting Impression

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Yamaha has introduced the P-37ERD Red Pianica, the newest addition to the company’s Pianica lineup. It joins the company’s previously released P-37EBK and P-37EBR models and offers the same impeccable tuning and quality for which these instruments are known, in an attention-grabbing red body.

What Is A Pianica?

The Pianica is a breath-powered melodica or a small keyboard that is played by blowing air through a mouthpiece. The sound of the instrument is best described as between a harmonica and an accordion, but with more body and depth than other melodica-type instruments.

Yamaha Pianica_P-37ERD

Performers looking for a professional-level Pianica that provides a strong presence on stage and during instrumental solos will be very pleased with the P-37ERD, which has a brilliant sound that carries and easily cuts through live accompaniment. This new sound was achieved through internal modifications and ABS plastic used on the underside of the body, rather than Ecodear® plastic used in the P-37EBK and P-37EBR, which provides a warmer tone.

The Red Pianica P-37ERD features a three-octave note range beginning with F below middle C. The instrument comes with a mouthpiece extension tube and a soft carrying case.

Price & Availability

The Yamaha Red Pianica P-37ERD (MSRP: $151.99) is expected to ship in December 2020. For more information, please visit Yamaha.io/RedPianica


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