Yamaha Release The New P-515 Digital Piano at Summer NAMM 2018

Yamaha P Series 2018

Yamaha today introduced the P-515, the new flagship of its hugely successful P-Series portable digital pianos, at the 2018 Summer NAMM Show in Nashville. The P-Series digital piano has long been the go-to choice of professionals, hobbyists, and students seeking an instrument that is equally at home in the living room or on the bandstand. With its piano voices, keyboard action, and overall feature set dramatically improved over its predecessor the P-255, the P-515 is simply the most advanced P-Series digital piano Yamaha has ever made.

The P-515 is the first P-Series instrument whose principal piano voices feature state-of-the-art multisamples of the Yamaha CFX and Bösendorfer Imperial, two of the finest, most sought-after concert grand pianos in the world. Recorded at many velocity layers, the samples’ loudness, brightness, and harmonic content respond to the player’s dynamics exactly as the source acoustic pianos would. Exclusive Virtual Resonance Modeling (VRM) technology enhances the sound by duplicating the physical string and soundboard resonances that occur when notes are struck as other keys are held, or when the damper pedal is depressed. Key-release samples and a new Smooth Release function further ensure absolute realism.

This sound engine is perfectly matched to the premium NWX graded action. The NWX is the first action of its kind to be deployed in a P-Series digital piano, featuring real wooden white keys with simulated ebony and ivory key surfaces whose texture assists finger grip and wicks away moisture. An escapement mechanism perfectly duplicates the subtle but unmistakable tactile feedback caused by the hammers in a grand piano “escaping” the rest of the action just before they strike the strings. The result is a fingers-to-music connection unparalleled in any digital piano.

Connecting the P-515 to an Apple iPad® or iPhone® running the Yamaha Smart Pianist app opens a world of music education and control features. Smart Pianist can analyze music library songs that reside on the phone or tablet, and then automatically create and display chord charts for them, keeping beginning musicians engaged in learning songs they already listen to and love. Score display from MIDI song files is likewise supported. Smart Pianist also provides a quick and visual way to control all functions of the P-515. These functions include selection of both piano and non-piano voices, as well as accompaniment rhythms, MIDI song recording and playback, CD-quality audio recording (16-bit/44.1kHz WAV format) of performances to a connected USB flash drive and much more.

Via the USB-to-host connection on the P-515, musicians can record both MIDI and audio directly to their computer DAW software of choice, with no external audio interface necessary. This makes it an ideal choice for songwriters who want quick, piano-driven inspiration but also plan to fine-tune captured ideas in a DAW.

“Players will instantly feel a connection to this instrument thanks to the synergy of the Natural Wood keyboard action with escapement and the coveted piano samples from the Yamaha CFX and Bösendorfer Imperial,” said Ben Harrison, product marketing manager, Digital Pianos, Yamaha Corporation of America. “From a design perspective, the integration of polished and wooden components balances the elements of modern technology, making this a sophisticated yet classic-looking addition to any studio or family room. Players with iOS devices can take advantage of the Smart Pianist app. I am truly excited to introduce this breathtaking instrument to piano players across the country.”

Additional features and specifications of the P-515 include:

— Polyphony of 256 notes means no notes will be “stolen,” even when playing dense or fast passages with the damper pedal depressed.
— 40 main voices include ten acoustic pianos, seven electric pianos, six organs, Clavinets, mallets and more.
— 480 additional XG voices plus 18 drum/effects kits provide fully orchestrated MIDI song playback.
— 40 realistic built-in rhythms and accompaniment styles employ intelligent keyboard scanning to follow the player’s chord changes.
— Sound Boost brings solos forward in a band mix without adjusting the master volume.
— Black and white finishes are available.
— Optional L-515B (black) or L-515WH (white) console stand seamlessly integrates the P-515 with any home décor.
— Optional LP-1B (black) or LP-1WH (white) triple-pedal unit installs under L-515 stand and provides half-dampering, sostenuto, and una corda (soft) pedals.
— Robust onboard stereo speaker system comprises 12x6cm oval woofers, 2.5cm dome tweeters, and 20W total amp power per channel.
— Stereo 1/4″ auxiliary outputs connect to external amplification, as when the P-515 is used onstage in a band.
— MIDI in and out.

Pricing and Availability
The P-515 (MSRP TBD) digital piano is scheduled to begin shipping in early September 2018.

For more information, visit the Yamaha Booth (643) at the 2018 Summer NAMM Show in the Nashville Music City Center, June 28-30, or visit http://4wrd.it/PSERIES