Yamaha EMX2 Mixer

Yamaha Releases the New EMX2 Powered Mixer

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Yamaha is pleased to announce the Autumn release of the newest model of the EMX Series powered mixers, the EMX2. The new model is built around the concept of giving users with little to no experience with live sound reinforcement a compact, yet versatile tool to configure and operate their own sound system with a minimum of setup and connections.Yamaha EMX2 Mixer

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Since the introduction of the EMX212S, EMX312S, and the EMX512SC, each model of the EMX lineup continues to provide users with an integrated, portable unit a mixer to combine and balance your microphone, instrument and line sources, effects and EQ to refine and polish your sound, and power to drive the main speakers and even monitor speakers. The new EMX2 expands on the established design concept of the series, with an updated look and interface, and versatile features to accommodate a wider range of applications.

     Because the EMX2 is both a mixer and a power amplifier, only speakers and mics are required to have a fully functioning sound system, making it ideal for first time users or people with limited live audio experience. The unit’sdimensions (37.5cmx22cmx15cm / 14.8″ × 5.8″ × 8.7″) are modest despite being an all-in-one powered mixer, making it easy to fit along with speakers even in the trunk of a small car. The lightweight body also features handles for more convenient transport and additional portability.

For connectivity, the EMX2 allows you to use up to 4 microphones for singing along with musical instruments, or speaking/ making announcements along with BGM or recorded audio from a portable playback device. It also comes equipped with Phantom Power and high-impedance input capability for use with high-performance condenser microphones or connecting guitars directly without any external gear. And because the EMX2 is also an amplifier, users can easily connect passive speakers or add a Yamaha DXS Series Powered sub-woofer via a single connection, for configuring a PA system that requires a more prominent bass performance.
     For sound-shaping and more precise control of a mix, the EMX2 also features four reverb algorithms (HALL,PLATE, ROOM, and ECHO)
using a single knob to easily select and control the depth, a 1-Knob Master EQ™that lets users apply and adjust optimized EQ settings with the simple turn of a knob ( SPEECH, MUSIC, and BASS BOOST), as well as an onboard Feedback Suppressor that utilizes a unique Yamaha digital technology to instantly eliminate annoying feedback with the single switch of a button.

   For additional flexibility, an optional rack-mount kit is available for adding the EMX2 to a rack configuration or an existing installed application, or users can even mount the unit on a microphone stand using a simple mic-stand adaptor.

   “Our greatest consideration during the development of the new EMX2 was to give people with little or no audio engineering training or experience, a simple, intuitive tool that will diminish the anxiety of creating their own sound reinforcement system for a versatile variety of applications” said Ken Hiraoka, Department Manager of Yamaha Pro Audio. “It can be very intimidating for first-time users to take on such a task, so the practical design and features reflect that concept, providing high-quality sound, flexible reverb and EQ features, a feedback suppressor and fast, simple connectivity and setup features— all in one lightweight portable unit.”

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