Yamaha Teams Up with Muralist Kelsey Montague

Kelsey Montague Yamaha Mural

Yamaha Corporation of America has teamed up with noted mural artist Kelsey Montague to create a unique display piece at NAMM as a tribute to artists and musicians who make waves with their passion for creating. Depicting the intersection between music and art, the mural has been unveiled in the main foyer of the Anaheim Convention Center.

“I’m really excited to be partnering with Yamaha and their ‘Make Waves’ campaign,” Montague says. “I’ve seen the power of art to make waves in communities around the world and am proud to support a company dedicated to the art of music.”

Montague has created large-scale, interactive street murals around the world, from New York City to Cape Town and Hong Kong. Her murals specifically invite people into a piece, offering an opportunity for them to become a part of the art itself. She believes that art should not be separated from the human experience, but rather the human experience should have a hand in creating the art itself.

“Kelsey is one of very few artists who are exploring how public art, interactive art and social media intersect,” says Brandon Mikkelsen, social media marketing manager, Yamaha Corporation of America. “This piece really speaks to the company’s dedication to supporting musical artists with the tools they need to express themselves.”Kelsey Montague Mural

The mural, which is 16-feet high and 12-feet wide, shows the outline of wings filled in with images of musical instruments. A projection camera will add animation and color within the wings and NAMM attendees are encouraged to interact with it and post their pictures on social media. The display is portable and will be showcased at other Yamaha events throughout the year.