Yamaha XDA: The Whole MusicCast Experience In A Professional 19-inch Rack Format

Yamaha XDA

The innovative Yamaha MusicCast multi-room system brings limitless sound to the entire home, playing music in every room with a compatible device. By introducing the XDA-QS5400RK Multi-Room Streaming Amplifier and the XDA-AMP5400RK Multi-Room Amplifier, Yamaha now expands its MusicCast portfolio with professional 19-inch rack devices.

High-grade class D amplification, up to four zones and eight speakers per unit plus broad expandability make the XDA series the perfect centrepiece for demanding home audio streaming setups. For maximum flexibility, the extensive web-setup offers various configuration and control options for each zone.

Yamaha XDA: expandable multi-room series for professionals 

Slim, versatile, powerful: the Yamaha XDA series expands the MusicCast range with a professional 19-inch rack format installation system. The XDA-QS5400RK and the XDA-AMP5400RK are both equipped with high-grade class-D power amplifiers from the Danish manufacturer ICEpower. Measuring only 1U each, the components are true space savers. Despite its slim dimensions, every unit is capable of powering up to four zones and up to eight speakers. Thanks to the series’ expandability, several QS units can be combined to power 32 zones simultaneously in groups of up to 20 zones each. Looping in the AMP increases the maximum number of speakers per zone or raises the power output for every speaker. The XDA series can be included in state-of-the-art smart home setups and therefore supports third party home automation control such as Control4, ELAN or RTI. In addition, further components like doorbells or intercom systems can be connected to the multiple inputs of the XDA components. After installation, the included magnetic faceplate also discourages tampering and provides the perfect cosmetic finish.

XDA-QS5400RK: powerful streaming all-rounder

The XDA-QS5400 Quad Streamer combines the world of Yamaha MusicCast with a powerful class-D amplifier section and a slim, 1U form. Whether playing a private music library or streaming over Spotify, TIDAL, Qobuz or Deezer, the QS unit plays music from any source in up to four zones and up to eight channels. Combining the QS with compatible MusicCast devices like the RX-V and RX-A AV receivers or MusicCast 20 and 50 wireless speakers creates an extensive multi-room audio network. Configuration and control can be easily done via the MusicCast app for iOS and Android. In addition, the setup of the QS unit  offers various configuration options like volume, equalizer or preferred input settings for each zone. The energy efficient power amplifiers from ICEpower deliver up to 50 watts per channel (8 ohm) and are bridgeable to 200 watts per channel (8 ohm). With Euroblock-style speaker terminals, a 19-inch rack format and the special design of the differential circuit to eliminate ground loops, the XDA series is tailor-made for professional demands. 

XDA-AMP5400RK: power amplifier for demanding multi-room setups 

The XDA-AMP5400RK is the ideal partner for the Quad Streamer, adding more speaker channels or greater power output for each channel. In addition, the AMP can be used as extension for secondary zone coverage of Yamaha AV receivers with Zone pre outs. The supplied jumpers and cables allow a wide range of speaker and zone configurations. The trigger connections on the QS and AMP ensure that the amplifier zones can be switched on and off simultaneously. Alternatively, active subwoofers or subwoofer power amplifiers can be connected to the audio outputs of the AMP unit. Each of the four amplifier zones can be bridged separately to set the power output for every loudspeaker individually. The AMP unit is the ideal power extension for professional multi-room audio setups containing the same high-grade amplifier section as the QS.

General information, prices and availability

The XDA-QS5400RK Multi-Room Streaming Amplifier and the XDA-AMP5400RK Multi-Room Amplifier are available now. The recommended retail price is €2,299.00 for the XDA-QS5400RK and €1,299.00 for the XDA-AMP5400RK (all prices include VAT).