Yamaha’s New Private Museum That Traces Its Company History

Yamaha Museum Hamamatsu

Yamaha Corp. is offering visitors a chance to look back on its long history of challenges and innovations, which spans more than 130 years.

The museum which features Yamaha products from past to present opened on the 3rd July and is housed on the first floor of the company’s newly erected headquarters in Hamamatsu city’s Naka Ward.

Yamaha’s President Takuya Nakata said “We will make it an irresistible spot for music fans from around the world and a great sightseeing resource for everyone.”

Visitors are greeted by the pleasant sound of an electric piano in the Concept Stage section near the entrance. The Prologue section comes next and focuses on founder Torakusu Yamaha and the history of the company’s products. Manufacturing processes of musical instruments are shown on a wall in the Craftsmanship Walk section.

The Musical Instruments Exhibition Area is a must-see spot for enthusiasts, with a top-of-the-line piano priced at 20 million yen ($180,180), 48 old and new guitars, a synthesizer from the 1970s and many other instruments on display.

The Life Scene section presents a life surrounded by items manufactured by Yamaha group companies, including acoustic products, motorcycles, bicycles, and golf clubs.

The Super Surround Theater offers an immersive musical experience with the latest stereophonic technologies and a wide screen. The Digital Library is equipped with a five-panel touch screen display that gives access to a massive collection of photos and videos.

The Innovation Road Map on another wall shows how Yamaha has expanded its operations after it started its business as an organ repair company in 1887. The company has since evolved to develop pianos, musical instruments, motorcycles, resorts and even semiconductors.

The History Walk section traces the history of the company with its products, including its first reed organ and other musical instruments, in addition to a wooden propeller based on which the company developed technologies to build motorcycles.

The Future Exhibition Area introduces its latest graphic technologies, while the Acoustic Exhibition Area is dedicated to the company’s audio products.

The Virtual Stage features life-size musicians projected on the stage, with instruments automatically playing music to re-create a concert performance.

It takes about an hour to see the exhibits, whose details are provided on the official website. The company also plans to replace some of the exhibits depending on feedback from visitors.

“It introduces Yamaha’s history of challenges spanning 130 years and its current innovations made for the future,” said museum director Nobuo Okumura. “We’d like you to see, listen and enjoy.”

Reservations must be made by phone before visiting the Innovation Road museum. A group of at least 20 people will be accompanied by a staff member.

Visit the official website at (https://www.yamaha.com/ja/about/innovation/).

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